Capture the Creative w/ Sweet Lick • STUDIGS
Kicked it with Sweet Lick around his stomping grounds in Charlottesville VA.
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Capture the Creative w/ Sweet Lick

To be familiar with the in’s and out’s of Charlottesville and surrounding areas is key in the life of a promoter. Sweet Lick keeps his finger on the pulse of entertainment in VA with plans to expand his reach. From promoter to interviewer Sweet Lick talks about how he got to where he is today, how much a good social network benefits his business and what to expect in the near future for Sweet Lick Entertainment.


Sweet Lick and I took to the streets one afternoon to snap a few photos. He is well known around the community and I was interested to hear his story. We had both heard of each other before and finally got a chance to kick it. Hearing the tips and tricks he had to offer up was very inspiring and knew I needed to take notes.

STUDIGS: Introduce yourself. Tell everyone where you are from and what you do?

SWEET LICK: I’m Sweet Lick Aka Rico Hearns. I’m from Charlottesville. I’ve lived all over but grew up in Keswick even stayed in Green County for a lil bit. I work all week, party, and do interviews along with promote local artist’s music on my YouTube channel. Every so often I mess around in community events.


What got you into the promotion business?

I’ve always been so popular growing up then I went crazy on social media so the promotional business was coming sooner or later.

What does your day to day look like?

I wake @ 4 am to shower. Then I get on FB, Twitter, IG then head to work @ 5am. Then I play around on the net and maybe go 2 the gym if I have the energy.


You are well known around the community. How do you benefit from this network in the promotion business?

Being well known around town is amazing. A lot people like chatting wit me and brainstorming so a lot of my ideas or tips come from people around town.

You can’t do a party without the people.

Do you plan parties locally or are you all over VA?

80% of my parties are in Cville but I’ve mingled in Green County and Madison also hosted a joint in Richmond before. I just did a party in Harrisonburg with one of my DJ’s Dj Goldenboy. Honestly, with the people I know and meet I think I can do a party pretty much anywhere, lol.


What elements make for a great party?

I think the element for a great party would be great people, honestly. You can’t do a party without the people! It doesn’t matter if you have 20 or 400 people. They’re what make the party work!

Explain your YouTube interviews to the people who are not familiar. Any idea of where you would like to see them go?

The purpose for the interviews on my Channel is to get people a lil more exposure. 90% of them are with local rappers but I’m willing to interview just about any person who wants to get there name out there. I want my Sweet Lick Weekly interviews to go mainstream like The Breakfast Club or Vlad TV etc.


You have videos on your YouTube dating back 5+ years. When did you realize YouTube would play a major key in your business?

I realized my YouTube would play a major part once I saw the views and I knew it would help me out a lot.


What are the key ways you stay motivated and inspired to create content on YouTube?

I got people around me that keep me motivated, honestly. They always tell me to keep up the good work. Definitely want to shout out people like my Uncle Wes, my dawgs Hollywoodtrell, Barscartell, Tinooo, Clyde and Skeete.

I went crazy on social media so the promotional business was coming sooner or later.

Who would be the ideal client?

My ideal client would be one of my favorite rappers or maybe an interview with a sport reporter from ESPN.


Whats next for Sweeklick and SweetLick Promotions?

I got a few parties coming up. I’m hosting a party in Verona on Thanksgiving, also a birthday party for my homegurl Tasha Smith Nov 26. Also my 3rd Annual Xmas Bash Coming up Christmas night. More interviews coming and def staying active in the community.

Be sure to keep up with Sweet Lick and his movements on his social networks:





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