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I catch up with LeeBangah, a Charlottesville VA native who is grinding to put his raps in front of everyone up and down the East Coast. From Music to Vlogs, LeeBangah can be heard on all the major social platforms spreading positivity. This is the LeeBangah Interview and Photoshoot.
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Capture the Creative w/ LeeBangah

The first time I met LeeBangah, he was passing out Toys at the Ronald McDonald House here in Charlottesville VA. I was hired by a local news station to photograph the Toy Drive and Bangah was there as a volunteer. After our introductions our conversation took off talking about cameras, editing and recording videos. I shared my Instagram and explained I interviewed rappers and creatives for my site for a series called Capture The Creative. It was show time and we each had to part ways to begin our jobs of the night.


We circled back together while the kids were opening their presents to continue our chat. LeeBangah had yet to tell me he was a rapper. At first, I thought he was a videographer who shot and edited videos straight on his phone. These videos were well done with no evidence of low quality. He was telling me all about the process and how it was easier for him to do it this way because he could edit on the go, anywhere he was, he had everything he needed. He then mentioned his Rapping career. Speaking on shows and events he has performed at, who he was working with at the time and how he was spreading his work. We shared contact info and I have followed his growth since.


Fast forward a little over a year and it was time I got the LeeBangah interview. When it comes to community presence and passion for his craft, LeeBangah is at the top of the list. He knows what he wants and from his latest posts on Instagram, he will not take NO for an answer. We met at City Hall here in Charlottesville VA for our photoshoot. Starting where we left off that cold night at the Toy Drive, we caught up on everything that has happened over the past year.


• This is the LeeBangah Interview •

STUDIGS: Whats happening man? Introduce yourself and tell the readers who you are and what you do?

LEEBANGAH: LeeBangah, Trending Hip-Hop Artist from Charlottesville Va.


Born and raised in Charlottesville VA, has the passion always been for music?

Yes, Music has always been apart of my life even from early childhood.

My process is simple. Find the sound, block bad energy, make it fun, but Keep It Real.

How has the hip hop scene in Charlottesville and Virginia as a whole changed since you started making music?

It has changed a lot since I started, and I’m happy because it has become more diverse and more events are taking place.


When it comes to creating your music, what is the process? Do you have a producer you always work with?

My process is simple. Find the sound, block bad energy, make it fun, but Keep It Real. I work with Tons of producers. Everyone that grinds hard deserves to be heard.

You create more than just music. You Vlog and you have a clothing line ‘UGLY’. Talk about each a little bit and what the benefits are to creating more than just music.

Creating my Clothing Brand UGLY(U.G.G.) started with The Loss of my Nephew who passed from Cancer. And since Cancer is such a Ugly disease, I chose the name. Creating the freshest designs, and style that everyone can wear. My Vlog (Life Music, Hustle) kicked off 2 years ago. Inviting my fans into my life, my tours, community activities…the life behind LeeBangah.


How long have you been creating music? What / Who did you grow up listening to?

I’ve been creating music since 1999, starting at age 11. I grew up listening to 2pac, Naz, AZ, NORE and a few other artists.

What are your top 3 inspirations to keep you motivated?



How did you go about creating such a sense of community? You participate in a lot of local events. What is the importance in showing out for the public? Name a few events you have been a part of recently.

9PILLAR EVENT / HIPHOP SUBMIT / SXSW / AC3 and much more. I have always been apart of my community, my music is a different avenue of approach. And being apart of my city is important to a artist like me. They love me and love them back.


Have you worked with other artists in the area?

Yes I have.  I’ve worked with P.G., Glitch 1, Quin Bookz, LostGods, Doughman Network, and various others artist’s within the city of Charlottesville.

Are you self managed or do you have help? 

I’m working with Elite Society Management And Megastar Nation will also be assisting me this year for 2018. So things our moving in the right direction for me!


What are the benefits of having management as opposed to self management?

The benefits from having proper management vs managing yourself are totally different. I was a self manager for the last seven years of my career until the last year and half when I got my new management. When I did, things totally changed. I started traveling to different cites and states performing live. From there I did a few festivals like Miami Music Week and CIAA Weekend and also SXSW. This year I will be performing live on a 12 city tour covering the East, MidWest, WestCoast opening for Major Acts along with doing solo shows. I will also be shooting my first MAJOR music video on an upscale level in New York and MIAMI. I will also be doing some Calibrations with artists from Detroit, Miami, DC and Texas so be on the look out for that as well. 2018 is going to be an amazing, jam-packed year. I’m grateful and thankful for my team and management and for MegastarNation who will be handling our tour and helping push my brand and myself.


I saw where you performed during Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach. How did that opportunity come about? What was the difference performing away from home?

Performing during Bike Week was a part of the tour my management has me on. We usually try and be apart of all major festival and holiday events, like Memorial Day week, and the 4th of July etc.

Talk about the Vinegar Hill project. This piece has been buzzing and has you all over the news being interviewed. Have you always been a historian or was this just a subject you wanted to create a song for and pair it with a skit due to it’s importance?

No, I haven’t always been a historian but with a subject like this, I think everyone should be enlightened. This is true history. There’s a lot of things in America that’s covered up. I’m just happy I was ONE of the one’s who uncovered the facts through my music.


What’s next for LeeBangah? How can people find you on the net?

You can follow me on all Social Media Outlets at Leebangah. The next big thing is my 12 city tour starting in February.

LeeBangah is a one of a kind dude. Genuine in his work ethic and persona grinding each and every day to make it happen, not only for himself but for his family. Keep an eye out for LeeBangah. He has 2018 in his sight.





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